Mixtape: 2016 Djbino HG Mix, by Cool DjBino

DJBINO ENTERTAINMENT Present another baddest mixtape from the baddest cool djbino 

2016 Djbino HG Mix vol,3



5 thoughts on “Mixtape: 2016 Djbino HG Mix, by Cool DjBino”

  1. Yeah, i figured that by the time i got here the new layout would have taken a few hundred bahsings. To be truly honest, I’m not a humongous fan of it either, but if you are really going to stick with this layout, it just takes time, people will get used to it. I just miss the stars system.


  2. I can’t afford insurance, and I do not qualify for state help…so when I get sick I just wait it out. I had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago. I had to just pop an Advil and wait it out. It sucks…In my family the men have a history of high blood pressure and heart disease, and colon cancer. I know I should get myself checked, but I can’t afford it. Even if I went, and they discovered something…I would have no financial means to get well…so I just bought a life insurance policy instead.


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