GIST: COMEDY + Behold Comedy+, The App That Serves You Laughter On The Go

Something big is going down today and it will change the face of comedy in Nigeria forever. At 6pm today at Club Rumours, a first-of-its-kind digital comedy service called Comedy+ will be launched for Nigerians! 

That means you can put an end to dull moments. Laughter, after-all they say is the best medicine. Comedy+ brings comedy videos from your favourite comedians into one place and it is served to you on-the-go via your mobile phone. 

Think of it as having Bovi, Basket Mouth, SeyiLaw, Falzthebahdguy, Helen Paul, Senator, Frank Donga, Maraji, Ebiye, Emmahogmygod, Emmanuella and every other Nigerian comic act all in one room to crack your ribs! Now, that’s laughter overload.

Comedy+ allows you to seamless access comedy videos in 6 different categories; Skits, Stand-up, Episodes (cut-out from movies and TV Shows), Animation, Pranks and Freefall To get Comedy+ is easy; simply send COMEDY to 2100 from your MTN line or visit the iOS app and App Store on your phone to download. You can also download the app by visiting http://comedy.mtnonline.com and click the download button


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